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A letter about the Kingdom

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Dear Neighbor,

Though we cannot speak in person, I still
wished to leave you with an encouraging
insignt into the Lord's model Prayer.
When Jesus said "Thy will be done on
earth, as it is in heaven", what did
he mean for us? For God's will to
be done on earth, that would mean that
his righteous kingdom will be established
to rule over all faithful humans, and by
demonstrating his miracles, Jesus showed us
that he would eliminate suffering and death
by means of his father's Holy Spirit.

Don't you look forward to the time
when our savior Jesus will bring about
these changes under that kingdom? If
you would like to learn more about it,
please go to and search for
"God's Kingdom" or email me at
I would be pleased to hear from you.

Sincerely, ~~~

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